Monday, January 13, 2014

New Year, New You by Competitor Magazine

January is considered a month for resolve, renewal, and rejuvenation.  But it can also bring lot of subtle pressure if you have life-changing objectives you're planning to put in motion this month.  Instead of daunting, unrealistic or too-easily-broken resolution, focus on reasonable goals and take action to achieve them and put yourself on a path for an epic year.

  •   Set goals.  Make a long-term plan for what you want to accomplish in the spring, summer or fall - whether that means getting fit for a half marathon, running your fastest marathon, tracking an obstacle-course race, running for a charity or completing an Ironman - and then set out the steps it will take to get you there. 
  • Take action.  Start this week!  Commit to those goals.  Register for your big goal race.  Download a training program.  Join a weekly running group.  Hire a coach.  Go to fitness classes regularly.  Buy new running shoes.  Do 100 extra sit-ups every morning as soon as you wake up.  Take a 30 day challenge.  Just start doing it.
  • Be consistent.  Work, school, family, usual tasks can get in the way, but only if you allow it.  Plan your week around specific daily workout times and make it happen.  An hour a day (or sometimes even less) will go a long way in achieving your goals.  Set goals, take small steps and be relentless in your pursuit this year.
By Brian Metzler, EDITOR-IN-CHIEF