Friday, January 17, 2014

A Life Changing Experience

  After having 2 babies back to back and a c section, my new shape was difficult to adjust to and very resistant to diet and exercise. It was impacting my enjoyment of life. I made the decision to have liposuction on a trip to San Diego from Canada with my husband. I emailed my pictures to every clinic in La Jolla and beyond, only to hear I needed a tummy tuck from over half of the board certified plastic surgeons. I was not at all interested in having such a major surgery, such a large scar, greater risk and pain, huge cost, and I could not care for my toddlers with that length of recovery time. I was not convinced they were right. I saw the photo gallery on Pacific Lipo and I knew they could help me. I found Pacific Lipo had the best reviews, best photos, the most informed staff, and even though I was skeptical at first about having the procedure done by someone who is not a board certified surgeon, I realized I didn't need a surgeon. Surgeons are trained to cut. And most surgeons do a multitude of different procedures each week. 
Liposuction is an art that requires great skill, and Rod Davis has mastered this art. It is all he does and I venture to say he is the best.
This is truly life changing for anyone who is living uncomfortably with excess stubborn fat. Rod and his staff are beyond helpful, professional, and pleasant. Rod did my abdomen, hips and flanks and I am so happy with my results and it's improving even more each day. He did my chin as well and the result was instant and incredible.
Thank you Pacific Lipo! You're an amazing team! 
- Tamara K. from Calgary, Canada

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