Thursday, April 12, 2012

Chin, Neck, and Jowls Lipo

Tired of Having a Double Chin?
Diet and exercise play a heavy role in the features of our face, but for some of us, doing everything right still cannot achieve the results we are looking for.  Getting a much smoother and more defined jaw line with chin liposculpture can truly make a world of difference for your face and you won’t have to bother with painful injections or other artificial enhancers.

I would never even consider going anywhere else.  Rod Davis is the best in the world of lipo.  I first saw him for removal of my double chin--the results were amazing!  The same weekend, I got a perm, and when I returned to work, some of my co-workers did not even recognize me!   ~Nancy H., San Diego
At Pacific Liposcuplture, our advanced liposculpture procedure can significantly improve unsightly neck rolls, bulging jowls or double chins.  If you want to look younger, thinner, or have a more defined jaw line, Pacific Liposculpture is right for you.

This procedure usually takes less than 60 minutes and is performed under local anesthesia so you will more than likely be able to drive yourself home.  Most patients are also able to return to work in just a few days – and your coworkers will marvel at your improved appearance without knowing you had any work done.

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