Monday, July 23, 2012

Variation in Liposuction Results

Author: Rod Davis, PA-C 

There are many different reasons that someone may end up with less than perfect results from a lipo procedure. He or she may have looser skin or pre-existing stretch marks which is a sign that the desired amount of post-liposuction skin tightening may not be possible. Some people may have had prior surgeries with large amounts of scarring which could significantly limit the potential for smoothness after a lipo procedure. Some patients may not have followed important aftercare instructions or follow-up regularly with office visits/phone calls as instructed. Some patients do not continue to exercise or diet afterwards to ensure optimal results. As with any procedure in any office, results may vary.
I invite anyone to view Pacific Lipo's Before and After Gallery to get a better idea of how results do vary for patients with different body types, prior surgical scars, varying degrees of skin laxity, etc. Although results may vary, one can still appreciate the significant improvement that may be achieved when the procedure is performed by an experienced liposuction specialist. That being said, patients must keep in mind that not everyone will be completely thrilled with their results, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that the technique used by the liposuctionist was poor. Sometimes our bodies don’t heal as nicely as we would all hope. The goal of any lipo procedure is to help every patient look much better but unfortunately not every patient will feel better despite all reasonable efforts.
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