Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Letty's Inner Thigh Lipo With Pacific Lipo

Letty is an enthusiastic patient of Pacific Lipo who recently had her procedure done.  She is also Medical Assistant with the practice who day after day she sees happy patients and amazing results provided by Rod Davis, PA-C.  She decided it was her turn for the procedure and time to remove the fatty buldge on her inner thighs.  Letty is an active mother of two who does intense work outs on a regular basis and even completed a half marathon recently!  Her thighs have always bothered her to the point where she has never worn a bathing suit.  Check out what Letty has to say about the procedure:

"This week I had the lipo procedure done at Pacific Lipo on my inner thighs and I am SO EXCITED! My inner thighs have always bothered me because they rub together. It has only been 2 days and the rubbing is GONE! I've been working out really hard lately and even ran my first half marathon a couple months ago. Now I feel much more confident doing these activities knowing that the bulge on my inner thighs is gone. I am so grateful for the team at Pacific Lipo that helped me and ready to get my first swim suit!" -Letty G. 

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