Thursday, May 16, 2013

An Honest Opinion - Liposculpture

A key aspect to any healthy relationship is honesty.  That's why each one of our relationships at Pacific Lipo begin with an honest opinion and consultation.   It's our responsibility to offer anyone who walks through the door an honest opinion if the liposculpture (lipo) procedure would or would not be a good fit for them, as any health provider or cosmetic office should.  It is important to us that our patients have realistic expectations and a solid understanding of what our procedure can provide for them.

Consultations are the perfect opportunity to meet the staff at Pacific Lipo and see the facility where procedures are performed.  Consultations are conducted with Pacific Lipo's Director of Surgery, Rod Davis, PA-C, and allow for an individual to learn if the liposculpture procedure is right for them.  During a consultation Davis will address a patient's concerns and problem areas.  

Occasionally we have people who inquire about the liposculpture technique that would not be considered a good candidate.   This could be due to skin elasticity, unrealistic expectations, health, or a number of other reasons.  Although this news can be disappointing, it's important to Pacific Lipo that we are able  to make our patients happy and help them to improve their shape and their life.

We recently had a visitor from Northern California who was excited about the lipo procedure. After meeting with Rod Davis, PA-C, and receiving his opinion, she decided upon an alternative route to improve her shape.  She was grateful that Davis took the time to explain to her other options and that she didn't feel pressured into making a decision she may regret later on.  Read about her experience here:

"I came to Pacific Lipo after my appointment with a different practice had been canceled. On very short notice they did all they could to squeeze me in on the shedule. The staff was more than friendly and extremely helpful. The office was very professional. I finally made my way to my visit and was pleasantly suprised with the honesty and genuine care exhibited by the [Director of Surgery], Rod. He advised me that my situation was not best suited for lipo. I was paid in full and ready to go, but his honest opinion stopped me from making what could have been a huge mistake. No other doctor cared enough to keep it real with me. I was a little sad and disappointed that I couldn't move forward with a nip and sip, but I'm glad things worked out the way they did. I would definitely recommend Rod, Stephanie, Letty, Becky and the whole practice to anyone considering having lipo done! :)"

-Tiffani G. from Sacramento, CA
Yelp 5/16/2013

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