Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Arm Liposculpture - Thank You Pacific Lipo

Arm Liposculpture Preparation
"My experience at Pacific Lipo was absolutely wonderful! The staff is incredible! Stefani is so caring and answered all my concerns about the procedure and gave me the perfect schedule date and time. Rod Davis is by far the most talented professional physician I have ever met! He really knows exactly what is needed to obtain the perfect results and when you meet with him you can talk to him about your concerns and he realistically will tell you what can be accomplished with Lipo! The procedure was painless and the recovery time was minimal. I am extremely happy with the way my upper arms turned out. Thank you Pacific Lipo!"

Kathii77 on YellowPages.com

Kathii77 had her liposculpture procedure at Pacific Lipo in San Diego, CA with Physician Assistant, Rodney Davis.  To see more photos of Davis's liposculpture (lipo) patients, visit www.pacificlipo.com.

Friday, April 26, 2013

Chest Reduction at Pacific Lipo with Jason

Men work hard to have a chiseled and toned chest so they can look fit. But a male hormonal condition called Gynecomastia can lead to the accumulation of fat behind the nipples that gives the enlarged appearance of breasts. Now there's help for active men who despite regular diet and exercise, cannot rid themselves of this stubborn and embarrassing, rarely-talked-about condition. Male chest liposuction is one of the most popular cosmetic procedures for men and can help re-boost confidence that they once had.

"I will start from my first contact with Pacific Lipo. I wanted to get my chest done for (Gynecomastia). I opted for the virtual consultation which is a great thing if you're pressed for time. I received a phone call from Stephanie within 24 hours  to talk about the process and the cost. I was very impressed with the laid back attitude. I didn't feel any pressure to buy anything. So, let's fast forward to March 30, 2013, the day of my surgery. OMG so nervous and excited about having the fat sucked out.. I arrived with my mom and the staff was so chill and laid back. they took my mom into a private room. Tucked her into a blanket and I was off for my procedure.  they get brownie points for that. I was nervous about the pain of the procedure but it wasn't bad at all. I actually felt more pain having my mouth numbed for a dental procedure. An hour and half later I was done and on my way home.overall my experience here was better than I expected. Pacific Lipo is cheaper than any place I've checked out but the level of service and quality of work doesn't show based on the price of my procedure which is rare. Rod and his team work well together and I highly recommend this business. It's been 2 weeks I'm feeling more confident and thankful I chose Pacfic Lipo for my surgery. Good luck."

-Jason T. from San Diego, CA
Male Chest Reduction - Pacific Liposculpture
Male Chest Reduction - Pacific Liposculpture
Jason had the liposculpture procedure with Pacific Lipo's Director of Surgery, Rod Davis, PA-C. To view before and after photos of the male chest reduction procedure visit Pacific Lipo's Photo Gallery.

Friday, April 12, 2013

Because Reputation Matters...

Pacific Lipo has quickly developed into one of the top lipo centers in California.  Here are a few reasons why...

Our Team of Specialists
Pacific Lipo’s team is available to assist and service patients before, during, and after their visit.  Our team is headed by Director of Surgery, Rod Davis, PA-C.  Davis has been working together with members for several years now.  The team has been described to “work together like a well oiled violin!

The Director of Surgery for Pacific Liposculpture, Rod Davis, is a Professional Physicians Assistant (PA). In his role with the San Diego, California-based clinic, he performs consultations; engages in various outpatient liposculpture procedures; liaises between directors, physicians, and staff; and generally supervises all aspects of the Pacific Lipo surgical department. Board certified as a PA for nine years, Rodney Davis is licensed to practice in both California and New York State, and has trained physicians and other PAs on the art of liposculpture.  

It’s All We Do!
Liposculpture is all we do at Pacific Lipo!  By narrowing our focus to this one procedure and this advanced technique, we are able to provide superior service and accommodations for our patients.  With over 15,000 liposculpture procedures perform by Rod Davis, PA-C, you know you’re in good hands.

Our Technique
Pacific Liposculpture's body contouring procedures achieve amazing results in a spa-like outpatient setting. Our highly trained experts use instruments so tiny that only a local anesthetic is necessary and no stitching is required! Our goal is for you to remain comfortable and awake during your procedure, recover faster afterward, with minimal scarring, firmer, tighter skin, and smoother overall results. Most of our patients are even able to drive themselves home after their procedure.

Seeing is Believing
Have you seen our before and after photos?  Pacific Lipo displays a large photo gallery of patient photos online.  This large gallery allows for viewers to find a patient with a similar image and shape to themselves, allowing for them to develop realistic expectations of what they may look like after their liposculpture procedure.

Our Patients Love Us
It’s our goal at Pacific Lipo to provide the best possible experience for our patients before, during, and after their procedure.  Our dedication and hard work has definitely paid off!  Thanks to our patients, we have developed a solid reputation and a consistent 5 star rating on sites such as Yelp, Real Self, Yahoo Local, Merchant Circle, Google+ and more!

To learn more about the liposculpture procedure and if it’s the right fit for you, call a Pacific Lipo Patient Coordinator at 
(858) 427-8899.  

We look forward to helping you
 Reshape The Way You Live!

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Arm Liposculpture - One Step Closer to Slender and Toned Arms

Arm liposculpture has never been easier or safer while achieving such great results. Smooth, strong, toned upper arms can provide the youthful appearance that many aspire to have once again.

Pacific Lipo's upper arm slimming procedure is one of our most highly requested and takes approximately 90 minutes to complete. Incisions are extremely small and hidden in inconspicuous areas in the natural creases of the body. A skin tightening technique is also performed at the same time of the procedure. Patients are asked to wear a very lightweight and comfortable three-quarter sleeved compression garment (which will be provided to you at no extra charge) following the procedure for approximately four weeks for optimal results.

Liposculpture is the permanent way to rid yourself of unsightly, flabby arm "wings" that make you appear much older and less healthy than you actually feel. Our arm liposculpture procedure will remove fat and tighten the skin, giving incomparable results. It does not take long to see results from upper arm liposculpture. Many people who have undergone our arm liposculpture procedure experience instant results, only minimal discomfort, and are able to return to work the next day. So call or come in today and get on the road to slimmer, sleeker arms.

(See Before & After images of Arms Areas)

"...my body is totally transformed! I was always very active and had good muscle tone. (But covered by layers of fat). Now I have a very sexy hour glass shape and can finally see the definition in my arms!" -Katie H. from San Diego

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