Friday, November 1, 2013

FAQs - What Can I Expect After Surgery?

Following your procedure, we will explain your healing process and how to achieve max results.  Since liposculpture is minimally invasive and performed under a local anesthetic, you will be perfectly fine to safely drive yourself home after the procedure.  

For a day or two, you can expect to feel tired, as though your body has been through a workout - and it has!  The areas treated will be stiff and sore, and you may experience some discomfort, burning, swelling, bruising or temporary numbness.  The tumescent solution often provides many hours of pain free comfort, and you will be provided with medication to relieve any residual discomfort following your procedure.
You will be wearing a compression garment around the areas treated.  This decreases swelling, helps mold the new shape, and provides support and comfort.  Garments must be worn following the procedure for comfort and to improve results. Duration of garment wear varies on an individual basis and will be determined by our Director of Surgery, Rod Davis PA-C.

Follow up appointments are free and encouraged.  Our team at Pacific Lipo would like to see you during your recovery process and make sure you are getting the best results possible.  Patients usually return 1 week, 1 month, 3 months, and 6 months after their procedure.  If you are coming from out of town, that is not a problem!  Most follow up appointments can be done virtually through email with photos and phone calls. 
 I just had my 6 month follow up and am still very amazed at my results.  The staff was amazing as usual!  I am so happy that I had another smaller area done.  I was in and out in no time and am already so impressed with the results.  A huge thank you to everyone at Pacific Lipo for bringing back my confidence!   -Lynette M. from San Diego, CA

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