Tuesday, September 17, 2013

FAQs - What Is The Recovery Period Like?

During your recovery from a liposculpture procedure, you will be wearing a compression garment around the areas treated.  The garment decreases swelling, helps mold the new shape, and provides support and comfort.  Garments must be worn following the procedure for comfort and to improve results. Duration of garment wear varies on an individual basis and will be determined by Rod Davis, PA-C, Pacific Lipo's Director of Surgery.  Follow up visits with Rod Davis are an important part during the recovery process and always free of charge.

Most of the bruising and swelling should subside within three weeks.  To speed the healing process and to reduce the likelihood of post-operative complications, our staff will advise you to begin light activity as soon as possible.  You should be able to return to work within one or two days if your work is fairly sedentary.  You should avoid strenuous activities for one to two weeks as your body heals, but within two to six weeks you should be able to resume all normal activities.  It's important to continue wearing the compression garment, which should be easily hidden under your clothing, unless instructed to do otherwise by our staff.
There were no surprises and Rod put me at ease with his outstanding bedside manner. It has been almost a month since my procedure and the office staff and Rod have been outstanding with guiding me through the healing process. They are very supportive and are there for me whenever I call with a question. -Jay S. from San Diego, CA
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