Monday, April 2, 2012

Today’s Tumescent Liposculpture vs. Yesterday’s Traditional Liposuction

Author: Rodney Davis, Physician Assistant
Not very long ago, getting the shape that you always wanted required invasive surgery that almost certainly resulted in significant postoperative pain, obvious bruising, an increased risk of complications – not to mention an extended recovery time. Yesterday’s liposuction was risky, difficult, and surprisingly is still practiced  by most plastic surgeons who offer liposuction as just one of the several different procedures that they try to squeeze into an already exhaustive list of other cosmetic services. Liposuction is considered a major surgery, sometimes resulting in serious complications in the operating room, causes major bruising, and unsightly scars. This was and remains an aggressive procedure that produces deep bruises and sometimes requires stitches. This in turn can lead to increased scar formation.
Rod Davis, PA-C
Today’s tumescent liposuction, also known as Liposculpture, is a much safer procedure with minimal downtime.  Liposculpture is an advanced form of liposuction that leads to gentler body sculpting and more precise results. Unlike traditional liposuction with general anesthesia, liposculpture patients remain awake while their fat is removed with very tiny instruments. And, because Liposculpture doesn’t use the same heavy sedatives as traditional liposuction, most patients are able to walk out of the treatment offices immediately following the procedure. A good portion of liposculpture patients are able to return to most activities in 1 to 2 days. The tumescent liposuction procedure also stimulates the collagen-producing agents in skin, leaving skin firmer and smoother.
Liposculpture is less invasive. Most areas of the body require only 1 to 2 tiny incisions. The cannula, or straw-like tool that is used to suck out fat, is only 2-3 millimeters wide –that’s about the size of a cooked piece of spaghetti. The incisions resulting from the procedure are barely noticeable after only a few weeks. Because the cannulas are so much
smaller than the ones used in traditional liposuction, you won’t experience the unsightly scars that sometimes accompany traditional liposuction.
Liposculpture is more gentle. When using larger instruments in
traditional liposuction, providers generally make larger, more aggressive strokes while removing fat. Liposculpture uses smaller cannulas, all procedures are performed with shorter, gentler strokes. Patients usually experience only mild soreness the day after the procedure – something equivalent to post-exercise muscle ache. Tumescent liposuction may take longer than traditional liposuction, but the procedure leaves minimal bruising and pain. With today’s Liposculpture, you get the same results as traditional liposuction without all of the bruising and scarring.
Liposculpture is not considered a major surgery, it is a completely outpatient procedure.  Some patients even drive themselves home from the procedure. Many of the serious complications associated with traditional liposuction occurred because the patient was under heavy anesthesia. Patients under heavy anesthesia are unable to tell their provider if the procedure is too aggressive or causing unusual amounts of pain.  With Tumescent Liposuction, complications due to general anesthesia are eliminated. Patients remain awake under light or no sedation, and always able to communicate anything they are feeling. And, because Liposculpture uses only local anesthetic, patients are less likely to experience adverse reactions. Gentle and minimally invasive, most patients are on their feet the next day, and enjoying their new body in no time.
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