Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Arm Liposculpture - Thank You Pacific Lipo

Arm Liposculpture Preparation
"My experience at Pacific Lipo was absolutely wonderful! The staff is incredible! Stefani is so caring and answered all my concerns about the procedure and gave me the perfect schedule date and time. Rod Davis is by far the most talented professional physician I have ever met! He really knows exactly what is needed to obtain the perfect results and when you meet with him you can talk to him about your concerns and he realistically will tell you what can be accomplished with Lipo! The procedure was painless and the recovery time was minimal. I am extremely happy with the way my upper arms turned out. Thank you Pacific Lipo!"

Kathii77 on YellowPages.com

Kathii77 had her liposculpture procedure at Pacific Lipo in San Diego, CA with Physician Assistant, Rodney Davis.  To see more photos of Davis's liposculpture (lipo) patients, visit www.pacificlipo.com.