Monday, June 23, 2014

Do My Knees Make Me Look Fat?

Inner Knee Lipo

Rod is a perfectionist and I can't tell enough people how happy I am with my new thighs, I only wish I had met him 10 years ago! The procedure only took 2 hours out of my day and has changed my life forever. 
                                                             - Lisa G. from San Diego, CA

If you are bothered by the fatty bulge on the inside of your knees?
You are not alone.  The inner knee is another area that is near impossible to get rid of through diet and exercise alone. This isolated area can accumulate a pocket of fat and may give the appearance of "chunky" thighs or knees. Removing the stubborn fat from this area can have a large impact on the leg's overall appearance. 

The inner knee liposculpture procedure takes approximately 60-90 minutes to complete and is often combined with inner thigh liposculpture for smoother, slender legs.

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