Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Fat Behind Your Neck- Humpback - Buffalo Hump Lipo

The Buffalo Hump forms when fat accumulates just below the base of the neck on the upper back. This can lead to the appearance of bad posture or the "hunch back" look. The buffalo hump is a problem area that is often from genetics or medication that an individual may be taking. It is located in an area that makes it extremely difficult to lose on your own through diet and exercise. Liposculpture is a great option to permanently remove the fat from this area with minimal scarring.

Rod Davis, PA-C at Pacific Liposculpture in San Diego, California specializes in this technique and has performed over 15,000 procedures. He is considered an expert in his field.  Buffalo hump lipo will not only give you immediate results, but significantly improve your posture and appearance once this bulge of unwanted fat is permanently removed.

View Pacific Lipo's photo gallery of before and after photos of actual patients. All procedures were performed by our Director of Surgery, Rod Davis, PA-C.