Wednesday, January 7, 2015

My Story for Free Lipo - Angelica P.

During the 2014 holiday season, Pacific Lipo offered a fifth free lipo contest. Our Liposculpture Specialist, Rod Davis, PA, has helped thousands of people reshape the way they live and we would love to help more.

Pacific Lipo is excited to announce navy veteran Angelica P. as our 5th winner for our Free Lipo contest!  Angelica entered the contest late with just a few weeks left in December 2014.  She dedicated that time to sharing her story and gaining support from friends and family.  The immediate support she received was impressive.  Angelica struggled with meeting military standards while in the navy and struggled even more with her problem areas after having her son. Like many of us, she became a full-time mother, wife, and student and turned to Pacific Lipo for help.  

Read Angelica's story here -

Hi! I'm Angelica Payan. I am Married, A mother to an adorable son & a US Navy Veteran of 4 years. Here's my story: All my life i have been curvy, which made getting into the military and staying in, a difficult task. I did everything I possibly could to stay in from taking so many diet pills, Epsom salt baths, runs 4 am every morning and to even trying to starve myself. 

After 2 years of being in the military, I met my husband and we had a beautiful life blessing that i call my son. After my pregnancy, my assets that made it easier for me to pass the military weigh ins ( small waist, small stomach) were now bigger. The assets that made it harder for me to pass my weigh ins ( big butt, thighs & hips) were now enormous! My body now didn't only affect my job, it affected my self esteem, my personality, my relationships, my marriage, my life... I am now a full time student, raising my son, and being a wife to my husband. i just want that joy of waking up in the morning, that happiness of being able to look at my self in the mirror, the good spirits i had to love myself. I just want to be happy again. Just being able to get on a roller coaster with my son would mean so much to me. I am inches away from that happening & i hope you guys can make that happen for me. Winning this contest would sure be a magnificent blessing. Thank you for this opportunity to even register. It means a lot! Like Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson said rephrased " Why not me? " :)

Congratulations again Angelica!

Stay tuned for her experience and procedure at Pacific Lipo ...