Monday, February 10, 2014

Back Liposculpture Procedure

Smoother, Shapelier Curves by Rod Davis, PA-C

Is your bra creating unsightly fat rolls on your back?

The back area is a common procedure for both men and women.  Many find that no matter how much exercise and dieting they do, they cannot define and tone their back.  The liposculpture procedure can remove unwanted fat and give a more contoured and fit look to a person’s image.  Our advanced liposculpture technology takes only 50-90 minutes and tightens the skin. Our incisions are extremely small and hidden in inconspicuous areas like in the natural creases of the body. Patients who have this procedure feel confident enough to start wearing tank tops and tight fitting shirts again.

Excessive amounts of fat in the back area can be very frustrating, especially for women. Fat in this area caused a stubborn "bra roll", fat that bulges over the bra line. Liposculpture is able to contour the body in this area, providing smoother and shapelier curves. The patient in this case saw a drastic change in shape just 7 days after procedure. Her shape will continue to improve as her swelling decreases and the body heals.

I came in for Lipo on my stomach, love handles, and back. I am a young mother and after having kids my body was not the same…It was one of the best decisions I have made. MY BODY LOOKS AMAZING. I finally have my confidence back. And feel like a whole new person. I will continue to recommend Pacific Lipo to everyone I know. 
-Mandy J. from Irvine, CA

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