Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Trim the Fat In Your Legs - Inner & Outer Thighs

Have you been exercising and dieting and still tired of your thighs rubbing together? Is it preventing you from wearing your favorite shorts or skirts? 

If you answered yes, there's now a quicker and safer way to re-contour your body.  Unfortunately most women are genetically predisposed to accumulate fat in the hips, thighs, and legs.  Even with continuous diet and exercise, it can be harder trim the fat in your thighs on your own.  At Pacific Lipo, we specialize in inner and outer thigh liposculpture.  Inner and outer thigh liposculpture is specifically designed for people who want to get rid of flabby thighs, saddlebags, and inner thighs that rub together.  You can choose to live with the genetic hand you were dealt with, or treat the problem permanently with liposculpture.  Our procedures will remove the fat and tighten the skin, giving you smaller, smoother, and younger looking legs.  So why wait?  Many people can return to work the next day, with not only slimmer, sleeker thighs, but a renewed outlook on life and an improved self-image and boost in confidence.  

This place has given me a new outlook on life...The staff are so nice and friendly, they are just there to make sure you feel comfortable and make sure that you feel good about yourself!  I am 2 weeks into my recovery and I can't believe my eyes ... -Marc S. from Manhattan, NY

Rod Davis, PA-C, performs all of our procedures at Pacific Lipo and has been known to be an expert in his field.  He has performed over 15,000 procedures and specializes in this technique.  

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