Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Upper Arm Liposuction - San Diego, California

Are you ready to start wearing sleeveless tops this summer?

You can start now with Pacific Lipo's upper arm slimming procedure. We specialize in liposculpture and it is all we do here in our office. 

Liposculpture is the permanent way to rid yourself of unsightly, flabby arm "wings" that make you appear much older and less healthy than you actually feel. Our arm liposculpture procedure will remove fat and tighten the skin, giving incomparable results. It does not take long to see results from upper arm liposculpture. Many people who have undergone our arm liposculpture procedure experience instant results, only minimal discomfort, and are able to return to work the next day. So call or come in today and get on the road to slimmer, sleeker arms.

To learn more about our procedures, watch a video of a patient who is a former gymnast who turned to liposculpture for help toning her arms. Follow her through her before, during, and after experience.  Pacific Lipo's Director of Surgery Rod Davis, PA-C performs the liposculpture procedure.

…my body is totally transformed! I was always very active and had good muscle tone. (But covered by layers of fat). Now I have a very sexy hour glass shape and can finally see the definition in my arms! -Katie H. from San Diego, CA

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