Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Liposuction for Men

Many of us, no matter how much we diet and work out, are still unable to change our shape.  This goes for men and women alike.  Despite common belief, men participate in cosmetic procedures just like women.  It is quite common for men to turn to liposculpture to achieve a more toned, masculine image. 

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Pacific Lipo's body contouring procedures achieve amazing results in a spa-like setting. Some of the most common procedures requested by men are our abdominal lipo, love handles, lower back or flanks, male chest or gynecomastia, and chin and neck.  Our highly trained experts use instruments so tiny that only local anesthetic is necessary and no stitching is required!

Our goal is for you to remain comfortable and awake for your procedure, recover faster afterward, with minimal scarring, firmer, tighter skin, and smoother overall results.  Most patients are even able to drive themselves home after their procedure.

At Pacific Liposculpture we constantly strive to achieve the finest results possible by providing cutting edge, proven technology that is the safest available today.  Our team is comprised of only the most skilled medical professionals who long ago decided to specialize in advanced liposculpture (lipo) techniques. 

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