Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Male Marine Ready To Weigh In After His Lipo Procedure

Pacific Lipo's marine patient shares his experience on Yelp -

“I want to start off by saying thank you to Pacific Lipo. You are amazing people and have done an amazing job. Ok now I went in for my procedure 2 weeks ago today. I got my love handles and abdominal area done. I had a spare tire that no matter what I done I just could not get rid of. I am a Marine and I currently got back from deployment and all I did out there was lose weight and try and get rid of my stomach. I lost 35lbs out there weighing in at 165lbs but I still had those love handles and pooch in my stomach. Even weighing that much I was still very self conscious about my body and how I looked. To military members we want to look our very best at all times and I didn’t feel like I looked good at all. So after deployment I came home and that’s about when they started making us wear our dress uniforms on every Friday.  That was a big blow for me. Like I said before I never thought I looked good in uniform. Never over weight never on bcp just did NOT think I looked good in uniform ESP our dress uniforms. This had me to the point that I was ready to get out. I mean contract is up in few months anyways.
My wife and I set down and I told her my plan and told her that if I didn’t do something about my stomach and love handles that I was going to get out. So we started searching the web for anything that would slim me down and get rid of those areas that I was so self conscious about. I came across pacific lipo and started reading about them and noticed that they said it was minimal down time. Being I really didn’t want to take leave to have a procedure done that really caught my attention. Not only that but the fact that there was so many outstanding reviews on them. I never read one review that was bad about them. Plus the price you can NOT beat anywhere.
I called and scheduled my free consultation. I came in and seen Rod. When he walked in the room he said man you look in really good shape what are you wanting done and I told him my midsection. He asked to take my shirt off and he told me that my midsection did not match the rest of my body. That my love handles belonged on someone a lot bigger than I was and he told me I will fix that. You will look completely different when ever I’m finished. I made an appointment for my procedure and was really skeptical about how much of a difference he could really make in my body. The day of procedure I got really nervous. I was really expecting it to hurt pretty bad. Being you are awake the whole time I mean how numb can they really get you with just a shot??? Honestly you get a lot more numb than you would ever imagine. The procedure was literally pain free. Yes there was a little discomfort but hey what do you expect you are filled with fluid and they are taking a tube and sucking the fat out of your body. Anything unnatural is going to have some discomfort. But I was fine I drove myself home and even went to work two days afterwards.
I had some worries the first weekend after the procedure I had a lot of swelling around my belly button and it kinda protruded out so I wrote Rod an email on a Sunday and explained what my concerns where. He asked for me to send him a picture. He asked my after to come in the next day. I thought something was wrong. I mean I had an appointment on Wednesday and he wanted me to come in the very next day. I come in and he looks at me and ask me a few questions. He told me to stop massaging it so much and start icing it. I did and what do you know the swelling went down.
I know it has only been 2 weeks I repeat 2 weeks and I feel like I look amazing. Rod done an excellent job. I could not be happier with the way my results are turning out. I am so ready to start working out and making my new body more defined. Rod has given me something more then a new look…Rod gave me my confidence back something that I had been lacking for a VERY long time. I will no longer ever call myself fat or let anyone else call me fat for that matter. I’ll give you an example; i had a weigh in today. i was told that i did not have to do it since i just had procedure done and I’m still swollen. I put on a smaller shirt that before I would not wear and went and weighed in. Before i would duck and dodge a weigh in if all possible and stay up the night before trying to lose weight any way i could. Not anymore I will gladly go weigh in because i have nothing to hide. i found myself this morning in the bathroom at work standing at the sink getting ready without my shirt on. Before my shirt was the first thing I’d put on.
I look and feel so much better about myself. I want to tell anyone that is considering having any work done that you will not find any place better than pacific lipo. They not only give you the results you want they give you the confidence you deserve. I am very thankful to have had MY procedure done here. Thank you again Pacific Lipo you have really changed my life.

-CJ H. from Oceanside, CA